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MyCorporation has teamed up with Network Solutions® to help you secure your business' domain name. Finding your web address is the first step to creating your business identity online.

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  • Get your unique business name's domain before another company does
  • Provide presence on the web for your business
  • Purchase your domain from the number one registrar on the internet

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Create a Website

Once you have acquired a domain for your business, you can design and build your own custom website with our partners at Network Solutions®.

Trademark Application

Our Trademark Application Service makes it fast and easy for any business to protect a unique name or logo. Apply for a trademark after you conduct your search.

Make it easy for new and existing customers to find your business online with a clear, memorable domain name and hosting package.

Domain names are important corporate intellectual property that are usually the company name or product names. By registering your domain name you can:

  • Create an online presence for your business.
  • Protect your domain name from being registered by someone else.
  • Register other domain extensions (i.e., .net, .biz, .info)
  • Domain Names for only $15.99/yr.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Easy to use online account management tools.
  • Free under construction page.

Grow your online business with:

  • Easy to use Website Builder and Marketing Tool.
  • Customized email address that matches your domain name.
  • Online Marketing tools for maximum online visibility.

How It Works

How it Works

Get your domain name FREE!
If you purchase the MyCorporation Business-in-a-Box you will receive a coupon in the form of a link in your email to redeem for the full value of your domain purchase.

If you wish to purchase other domains separately at $15.99 each, simply search their availability and add them to the your shopping cart for purchase.


What is a Web Domain?

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5 Reasons You Need Private Registration

When you buy a domain name, your registrar is required by ICANN to enter your contact information - including your name, physical address, email address and phone number - in its WHOIS database, a searchable directory that holds contact information on all of its domain name registrants. Read More...

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