Quicken Home & Business automatically categorizes your personal and home business expenses. Then, Quicken shows you where you're spending your money, including both business and personal expenses. View your business profit and loss at a glance - Quicken Home & Business gives you an overall snapshot of what's coming in for the month, what's going out, and what's left in your accounts.

Maximize your personal and business tax deductions with easy to answer questions, and e-file or print your tax return. Turbo Tax offers 100% accurate calculations, guaranteed. Up to date with the latest tax laws to help ensure your taxes are done right, Turbo Tax provides the fastest refund possible, with free e-file.

QuickBooks Simple Start Free is the easy way to manage your growing business. Quickly create invoices, manage sales & expenses,and be ready at tax time.

Just like a line of credit, SalesGuard provides ongoing access to cash to maintain operations or grow your business. SalesGuard gives you access to cash when you need it. Since this is NOT A LOAN, there is NO fixed payback schedule, NO traditional personal guarantee, and NO collateral required! 95% Approval Rate

Outright is a very simple-to-use web service that helps you track income and expenses, pay estimated taxes on time, and see how your business is doing. Outright automatically gathers and organizes your transactions, keeping your small business accounting up to date.

In today's increasingly complex legal environment, philanthropists and business-minded individuals turn to Seton & Associates for professional advice in Nonprofit organizations and For-Profit businesses. At Seton & Associates, not only do we help our clients structure and comply with the initial legal formalities in launching a business or organization, but ensure added value by educating, training, and advising our clients along the way.

At The NestEggg Group, LLC., we believe "Bookkeeping should be easy & Insurance made simple" NestEggg Bookkeeping services including payroll, tax preparation, financial planning and new business development are designed for small to medium size business owners.

TaxJar makes sales tax filing easier for multi-channel online sellers. By connecting TaxJar to their accounts with channels like eBay, PayPal and Amazon, a seller can easily view at any moment when their next sales tax return is due and how much sales tax they've collected via TaxJar's clever dashboard. But the real magic is in TaxJar's local reporting. The local reports break down sales tax collected by a state's local tax jurisdictions.

Deductr is your procrastination-proof tax solution. It helps you maximize all of your tax deductions without the headaches associated with complex bookkeeping and manual tax tracking systems. It automates your expense tracking by tying it to the swipe of your bank card.