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You may want to upgrade to our Elite Kit at the time of forming your business. Our upgrade offers a professional presentation for the maintenance of your important documents.

Our Elite Corporate Kit Includes:

  • Customized Corporate Embosser
  • Sample Corporate Documents
  • High Quality Professional Presentation For Your Incorporation Documents.
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You may want to opt for our elite corporate kit at the time of your incorporation order.

Our high-quality kit arrives with your corporation's name embossed in gold on the matching slipcase.

Inside you'll find a steel, hand-held corporate embosser with your company's name and year of filing, state of formation, sample bylaws and minutes, stock transfer ledger, and 5 customized corporate share certificates.

To get the elite kit, simply check off this item on your incorporation or LLC order form. And, if you need an additional kit, or want to upgrade at any time, you can order one here.

Order an elite corporate kit online for your business for only $100

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How It Works

If you need an extra kit, or a replacement kit at any time, follow these instructions:

  1. Fill out and submit the Elite Corporate Kit order form on our website.
  2. You will find requests for standard contact, billing, and authorization information, plus specific requests regarding your entity type.
  3. MyCorporation will provide all your corporate documents to you in the Elite Kit and you will receive the kit via express mail.


What is the Elite Corporate kit used for?'s Elite Corporate kit provides you with a safe place to store your corporate documents. Maintenance of your corporate documents is vital to ensure that your company maintains its good standing and benefits from the advantages of formation (limited liability, separate existence, etc.).

What is included in the Elite Corporate kit?

Inside the high-quality, binder, you will find the following:

  1. A steel, handheld embosser with your company's name and year of filing,
  2. Sample bylaws and minutes, and
  3. Stock transfer ledger.

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