Business Name Search

Find out if your business name is available for registration for free.

Why should I complete a free business name search?


Find out if a business name is already being used before you attempt to register. You can also reserve a business name for a later time to prevent someone else from registering it.

Save time and money

Avoid wasting time and money spent on creative assets, domain names, or a logo for a business name that you will not be able to obtain.

Conduct a free business name search

Choosing a name for your business can be a difficult and time consuming process for any new business owner. Your name needs to represent you, your business, and your goals. Once you have selected a name, you may be thinking that it's time to buy a domain name, create some business cards, or register your name with the state.

But wait! What if the business name you have chosen is not available?

That's why we offer our free business name search service. We will conduct a extensive business name search on your behalf to help you determine if your desired business name is available for use before you spend valuable time and money creating assets for a business name you can not obtain. Our business name search is obligation free and comes at no risk to you. Don't take any chances, make sure your business name is available for registration.

What happens if the name I want to use is already taken?

Sometimes your business name may be already be in use by another company. In such instances, you will need to choose a new corporate or LLC name that does not conflict with an existing business name in the jurisdiction where you are incorporating. Once you have selected a new name, you can conduct another free business name search here, we do not limit you to one search.

What if I'm not ready to incorporate or form an LLC?

If you are not quite ready to register your business yet, we can help you protect your name for future use with a business name reservation, where we will file your name with the state and put it on hold for a pre determined amount of time ( varies by state ).

Frequently asked questions

A name availability check is NOT required before forming your corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC). However, it may be wise to reserve a corporate or LLC name if you are not yet ready to form the entity at this time or have some reason for delaying its formation. When you form an LLC or corporation with MyCorporation, a business name search is included with our service, and will be conducted on your behalf before we attempt to file.

You will receive a notification from one of our staff members to the email address you provided with the results of your name availability check within 1 to 2 business days. Keep in mind that when state offices are closed due to holidays, there may be a slight delay.

If you want to change the name of your business, a business name check is a great first step to ensure that the new name is available for registration. Once you have confirmed that the name you want to use is available, you will need to file an amendment to your Articles of Incorporation/Organization. If you choose to use MyCorporation to file the amendment, we will automatically conduct that business name search for you before we file, there is no need for an additional search.