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Minutes and Bylaws

All the documents you'll need to operate your corporation.

Forming a corporation provides many benefits for your business, but managing a corporation requires some additional corporate formalities that can be confusing, not to mention time consuming. Our customized minutes & bylaws package includes a variety of common corporate documents drafted by our filing experts that make meeting these requirements fast and easy.


Why choose us for your corporate minutes and bylaws package?

Manage how your corporation is run

These critical documents outline in writing the details at the core of your business. For bylaws, this may include how directors are elected while minutes keep a concise record of meetings that have taken place.

Organize and document business meetings

Corporate minutes and bylaws are a requirement for any corporation, and documents that are critical to the decisions and actions of a business.

Summarize duties and outline roles

Formerly define the foundation of your corporation including the duties and powers of the directors and officers of the corporation.

We make it easy

Our package includes the internal documents you need to operate your business after incorporating, including your Corporate Bylaws and customized corporate minutes.

Why choose MyCorporation to create my minutes and bylaws?

Our customized Minutes and Bylaws Package provides you with the internal documents required to fulfil your corporate formalities and properly operate your business after incorporating. Our staff attorneys have carefully drafted Corporate Minutes and Bylaws to be suitable for a wide variety of corporate situations.

You will receive professional documentation printed on 28 lb. high quality paper ready to use immediately, as well as digital versions that can be edited or customized if needed. When you form your corporation or LLC with MyCorporation, this package is already included, but can be ordered alone as a standalone package for businesses that have already formed.

What are Corporate Minutes?

Minutes are noted recorded by an allocated individual to summarize what has been discussed at a meeting. When taken properly, they will highlight the meeting chronologically and succinctly and cover important information like event dates, who said what, budget concerns, and suggestions. They're extremely valuable for employees unable to attend these meetings and for staying on track with certain projects to avoid failure.

What are the bylaws of the corporation?

Corporate bylaws are the detailed set of rules agreed upon and adopted by the board of directors after a corporation is formed that specify the internal management structure of the corporation. They are typically drafted by the corporation's founder or directors. They cover how directors are elected, meetings are organized, and officer roster and summary of duties. In addition to management, they also specify details about ownership rights, annual meetings and the addition or removal of officers and directors. They may contain information about how the business conducts its affairs as well as the individual duties of its directors, officers and employees. Bylaws help a business maintain consistency in the way the business operates, as well as communicate organizational rules to help avoid conflicts and disputes.

Are you ready to get started? Get our professional corporate minutes and bylaws package containing all the documents you need to meet your corporate formalities for only $99.

"Our goal has always been to make starting and maintaining a business easier for our customers."

Deborah Sweeney - MyCorporation CEO

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Frequently asked questions

The following items are included in your Corporate Minutes and Bylaws package:

  • Customized Corporate Minutes
  • Corporate Bylaws
  • Waiver of Notice of First Meeting of Board of Directors
  • Notice of Regular Meeting of Board of Directors
  • Minutes of Regular Meeting of Board of Directors
  • Waiver of Notice of First Meeting of Shareholders
  • Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders
  • Minutes of Annual Meeting of Shareholders
  • Stock Transfer Ledger

You will receive all documentation in printed form.

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