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Get the information you need to get your business going or to keep it going. Research details about the benefits of incorporating a business or forming an LLC. Find out how easy online filing can be for DBAs, Trademarks, Annual Reports, and much more. Not sure what is best for your business? Check out our Business Entity Comparison Chart.

See more detailed information about benefits of incorporating or forming an LLC , or how to most efficiently handle your on going filings to maintain your business.

LLC vs Corporation

The difference between an LLC and a corporation can be complicated when looking at the fine details of both legal entities. These fine details can sometimes be the deciding factor in choosing to become an LLC or a corporation.

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When Should I Incorporate?

Timing is important. Incorporating your business too late may open the door to unlimited liability. Incorporating too soon may result in paying unnecessary fees / taxes and filing reports which can take up time and money. Fortunately, certain factors may help in determining when to incorporate.

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Foreign Qualification

A corporation conducting business in one state when incorporated in another is considered a foreign corporation and must qualify as a foreign corporation to legally do business in that state. States generally have a similar filing process to qualify (or register) as a foreign corporation, but some states may require a bit more.

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