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Your corporate seal is an official seal used by your company and is required by most banks. A seal is an impression printed on a document in order to authenticate it, instead of a signature.

Ordering a Corporate Seal Is Easy:
  • Display your company's name, state of incorporation and year of formation.
  • Ensure your corporate documents cannot be forged or duplicated without permission
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What is an Embosser?

Historically, signed documents weren't considered authentic unless the official seal or mark was imprinted upon them. An embosser is a hand-held tool, imprinted with your corporation's or LLC's name, date, and state of formation. Authenitcate your own documents with a traditional embosser. When applied to paper, it creates a raised pattern "signature" to indicate the authenticity of your corporate or LLC documents.

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Many states require that your corporation comply with the formality of stamping all official documents with your corporate seal.

Your corporate embosser will display your company's name, state of incorporation, and year of formation.

MyCorporation provides you with a customized, hand-held, steel, corporate embosser.

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