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MyIncGuard® Reminder Service

Never miss another important filing date.

Maintain in good standing with the state and keep your assets protected after you file! To keep your good standing status, there are many filings that must be filed on a regular basis. Get peace of mind with our MyIncGuard™ service.

$79 /yr.

Keep your business compliant with ease.

Protect Your Personal Assets

Failing to complete a required business filing can cause your business to fall out of compliance, putting the liability protection gained from entity formation at risk.

Keep Your Business Compliant.

You'll never miss a filing deadline! We'll send you monthly reminders with details about the filings you need to submit to keep your business in good standing.

Keep Your Business Protected

After registering a business with the state, there are often additional filings may be required on an annual or biennial basis in order to stay in compliance. Without those filings, an entity may subject to fines, late fees, or be involuntarily dissolution.

MyIncGuard™ is a compliance monitoring system that sends email notifications reminding business owners of the required dates and filings associated with keeping their entity in good standing. These notifications are calculated based on the date and state of formation.

MyIncGuard™ sends monthly reminders about annual reports, quarterly tax returns, year-end notices, and much more!

Sign up today and help ensure your business stays in compliance with state and federal requirements.

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Frequently asked questions

Notifications come on average once a month – when nothing is due there will be "no filings due" notices with useful attachments. Expect to receive at least 12 emails and possibly more depending on state and entity type.

MyIncGuard helps business owners protect against a compromise of the corporate veil of protection by reminding them to follow their corporate formalities. In addition, MyIncGuard helps business owners ensure that they are not late with annual reports, quarterly taxes, and other filings.

MyIncGuard sends monthly reminders about annual reports (90, 60, 30 days prior), quarterly taxes (4 times per year), holding annual meetings/taking minutes of annual meetings, organizing their corporate documents (Bylaws/Operating Agreement, etc.) and other corporate management notifications.

In months in which nothing is required, customer will receive a notice saying "no filing due". In addition, each of these notifications will contain free PDF legal forms including: employment agreements, operating agreement/bylaws, non-compete agreements, services agreements, mutual non-disclosure agreements, independent contractor agreements, employee handbooks, corporate/LLC notice and minutes of meetings, and stock/membership transfer ledgers.

The cost of MyIncGuard is per year. For your convenience, and to avoid any interruption of service, we will automatically renew the service annually.

For all MyIncGuard units cancelled within the first six months of service, MyCorporation will refund the amount of the remaining six months. MyCorporation will issue no refunds for all MyIncGuard units cancelled after the first six months.

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