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Alaska LLC

We'll file your LLC with the state of Alaska

An LLC - or limited liability company, blends many of the advantages of a corporation with the easier management of a partnership. For those who choose to file an LLC with the Secretary of State of Alaska, several key benefits are realized. One of the most important protections that an LLC provides is a layer of separation between an owner's personal finances, and that of the business. LLC's are less formal than the typical corporate entity, yet offers a host of protections and advantages.

File an LLC in Alaska

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Alaska LLC Requirements:

  • All Alaskan LLC's are required to have a registered agent - either a resident or business in Alaska, or a business licensed to operate as a registered agent in Alaska. An LLC cannot act as its own registered agent.
  • Limited Liability Companies in Alaska must file a biennial report disclosing the addresses of the principal office, the registered agent, and the LLC's managers. The LLC must also disclose the address of any member who owns more than 5% of the LLC, along with how much of the LLC that they own.
  • Out-of-state companies can form an LLC in Alaska, but are required to pay higher fees to the state when filing their registration and biennial reports.
  • Generally filings are completed within 1 business day* at the state level.

Advantages of an LLC:

  • LLCs are easy to set up and maintain
  • Members are typically not liable for the debts of the LLC
  • Income and losses can be passed through to members as in a sole proprietorship or partnership
  • LLCs do not have the same corporate formalities as a corporation
  • An LLC has a flexible management and ownership structure
  • More professional business structure in the eyes of consumers.

Incorporate In Alaska

We'll file your Corporation with the state of Alaska

Business owners form corporations for a variety of reasons, but one of the most compelling factors is the level of asset protection a corporation provides to an owner or officer. A separation between personal assets and business liabilities ensures that business debts don't affect an owner's personal finances. A properly formed corporation allows owners, directors & officers to manage and run their business without the worry of losing their home, car and other personal assets due to business obligations or debts.

File a Corporation in Alaska

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Reasons to file an Alaska Corporation:

  • Provide a level of separation between yourself and the business to reduce your personal liability.
  • Gain potential tax benefits not offered to Sole Proprietors & Partnerships.
  • A C-Corporation has no limit on the number of shareholders - this can help you raise capital more quickly.
  • Shareholders are not required to be citizens of the United States (C-Corporation) - this allows business owners to seek a variety of funding options
  • A corporation is generally perceived as a more professional business structure than other types of business formations.

Alaska Corporation Requirements:

  • Alaska does not require a business address located within the state.
  • Filings are quick compared to most states - generally completed within 1 business day* at the state
  • Company director information is required on the Articles of Incorporation.

Alaska Non-Profit Corporation

We'll file your nonprofit with the state of Alaska

Business owners commonly form corporations as a way to protect personal assets from business liabilities. The typical corporation allows owners, directors & officers to concentrate on the core business activities that are vital to growing their business, without the constant worry of business obligations becoming personal liabilities. Corporations help ensure that personal savings accounts, homes, cars, and other assets are safeguarded in the event that business debts become unmanageable.

File a Non-Profit Corporation in Alaska

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Reasons to file an Alaska Non profit Corporation:

  • A 501(c) organization, commonly known as a "non-profit", is code for an American tax-exempt non-profit organization.
  • Some donors who make qualified charitable contributions to a 501(c)(3) are able to deduct these donations from their federal tax liability.
  • There are currently 28 specific types of non-profit organizations that are exempt from various levels of federal income tax.
  • Before claiming non-profit status, an entity must first become incorporated as a non-profit at the state level. The corporation can then apply for a tax exempt status.
  • To accept money or donations for a qualifying entity (such as churches, charities & civic leagues), a non-profit entity should be filed.

Alaska Nonprofit Requirements:

  • The state of Alaska does not require a business address located within the state.
  • Typically, filings are completed within four weeks at the state level.
  • Director information is specifically required on the Articles of Incorporation.

Alaska Professional Corporation

We'll file your professional corporation in Alaska

Corporations that engage in what are generally accepted as professional services (those involving the medical, legal, or financial fields, for example) are required to form a "Professional Corporation." Many state licensing boards require a professional corporation filing.

File a Professional Corporation in Alaska

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Reasons to file an Alaska Professional Corporation:

  • Professional corporations (abbreviated as PC or P.C.) are corporate entities that are frequently required by licensing boards, such as those that govern attorneys, architects, engineers, public accountants and physicians.
  • Legal regulations that apply to professional corporations are different from those regulations that govern standard corporations.
  • Professional corporations frequently exist as part of a larger corporate entity. For example, a law firm or medical practice might be organized as a partnership comprised of several professional corporations.

Alaska Professional Corporation Requirements:

  • The state does not require a business address located within Alaska.
  • Professional corporation filings are usually completed within four weeks.
  • Company director information is required on the Articles of Incorporation.

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