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Create a custom logo online.

Design a professional logo for your business in minutes.

A unique and recognizable brand identity is important for every small business. But finding and hiring a professional designer can be a real drag, not to mention expensive. With our online logo maker, you can create a high quality logo for your business in just a few clicks. Design a professional quality logo you can use for business cards, websites, social media, and more right from your browser.

Why design your logo with our brand launcher?

Simple to use

We take you through each step of creating your logo - from start to finish. No expensive software or art school degree required.

Custom logo design

Start from thousands of professionally designed templates, then make it your own with our easy to use interface. Endlessly customize with color options, fonts, text, and layouts.

Free to try, no obligation to buy

Create as many designs as you want, and purchase only your favorite! Make changes, try different colors, and tweak fonts to your heart's content. We'll store all your creations in our design cloud for free!

Perfect for small business owners

Once you settle on a design, instantly preview your logo on shirts, mugs, business cards and more. Promote your business online and in person with our full suite of high quality marketing products.

How do I create my logo?

Designing your logo with our logo creator is a breeze. We provide you with all of the tools you'll need to create a high quality logo in minutes. Answer a few questions about your business and our guided setup takes care of the rest. The entire process can take 10 minutes to an hour depending on how much customization you require.

Step 1: Add your business name, slogan and keywords.

To get started, provide a few basic details about your business. We use this information to pull up designs relevant to your industry, complete with your business name and slogan, built right into each design preview.

Step 2: Choose styles and fonts.

Next, choose the style of logo you think works best for your business from the selection presented. Select the font styles you would like to work with as well as the layout and positioning. Don't worry, you can change these details on the fly while you work.

Step 3: Choose from thousands of logo samples.

After you provide your basic details, we'll search our database for matches, and present you with hundreds of logo design templates to work with. Use the template as is, or edit any design further by customizing the font, color and layout.

Step 4: Finalize your design.

With our easy to use logo editor, you can change fonts, adjust positioning, make changes to the colors and more right from your browser. Instantly preview your logo to see how it looks on business cards, t shirts and more.

Tips for creating a great logo

Your logo is not only an important part of your company's advertising and marketing efforts, but also often your first impression to potential customers. Your design should clearly represent your company and who you are as a business.

Conduct some basic research about your industry.Find out what resonates. Are there any clear patterns or styles? Are there common imagery or colors associated with your industry? That doesn't mean you need to limit yourself with your design. Only you know best when it comes to the vision you have for your business. It can help you get started in a general direction if you are feeling stuck.

Don't be afraid to try multiple designs. Try out different fonts for your business name and slogan, or play with the layout and positioning of the icon. When working with any professional design firm, you'll likely be choosing between a few options, granted, you will likely need to pay for each one. With our logo maker, you can create and save as many designs as you want for free. You only need to pay to download the version you like best.

Imagining your logo in use can be helpful when settling on a design. For example, do you sell products where you will be required to print your logo on packaging or the product itself? Will you create business cards, mugs, pens, or other marketing collateral in the future? Will this be printed on a sign outside of a store front? It can really help to visualize the future possibilities of how your business will use the logo.

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Frequently asked questions

Once your design is complete, you will be able to instantly download your new logo in all of the industry standard formats. That includes SVG and EPS for future editing, as well as all of the image formats used for web including JPG. GIF, and PNG files.

No, everything you need to create your design is built into our tools. You can edit text, change colors and fonts, and update the layout however you see fit directly through your browser. No software knowledge or image editing knowledge is required. Once you have selected your final design, you will receive your logo in multiple formats to use for websites, social media, and printing without any further modification.

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