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Incorporate Your Business Online

Business Formation Services to Help Protect Your Assets.

Our Business Formation Packages Start at $99

Which Entity Is Best For Your Business?

Forming a corporation or an LLC positions your business as an independent legal entity, providing you, the owner, with limited liability protection against any personal liability for your business debts. Create a corporation online or form your LLC today to safeguard your personal assets from bearing the burden of your business's financial obligations.

Start a Corporation

C-Corp, S-Corp, B-Corp, Non-Profit or Professional.

  • Formal management structure
  • Ability to raise capital by issuing stock
  • Potential tax deductible fringe benefits

Start an LLC

LLC and Professional LLC.

  • Simple management structure
  • Less paperwork; no meeting requirements
  • No double taxation on salaries

Not sure which type of business entity is right for you?

With MyCorporation, registering a new business is easier than ever. Complete your business incorporation online and enjoy fast turnaround times, personalized customer support, and expert guidance to ensure your business is set up for success. Try our Free Entity Wizard or view our Business Entity Comparison Table to compare entity types.

LLC vs. Corporation: What are the main differences?

Watch our video to learn about the difference between a corporation and a limited liability company.

LLC vs. Corporation Video

or try our entity wizard

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LLC and Corporation Formation Packages

Save money and simplify the process of setting up your corporation by bundling the services you need with our business formation packages.

Basic Package
$99 Plus State Fees
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Name Availability Search
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Standard Package
$124 Plus State Fees
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Name Availability Search
  • Bylaws, Minutes, and Waivers
  • Annual Report service
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Deluxe Package
$224 Plus State Fees
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Name Availability Search
  • Bylaws, Minutes, and Waivers
  • Annual Report service
  • Registered Agent services
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More Startup Business Services

Doing Business As

Doing Business As

May be essential if your business collects money under name other than your own.

Employer Identification Number | Federal Tax ID Number

Federal Tax ID Number

A "Social Security Number" used to identify businesses for tax filings.

Business Name Search

Name Checks and Reservations

Confirms that a business name and registration of a business name with the state(s)is available

Registered Agent Services To Make A Corporation Online

Registered Agent Service

Accept official documents and maintain physical presence in the state of incorporation.

Business Licence Compliance To Setup A Corporation Online

Business License

Licenses and permits for all 50 states that define the basic structure for operating a legal entity.

Frequently asked questions

Although a corporation can be set up without a lawyer, new business owners should seek the advice of a lawyer to determine all the best options when setting up a corporation. Many states have tax laws that can negatively impact an owner's financial implications if not followed.

A lawyer can ensure that you are following state and federal laws based on your business needs. A corporation formed with correct legal advice can minimize your liability. If hiring a lawyer is too costly, seek a professional online incorporation service.

Corporations follow a strict structure to maintain; and setup involves detailed steps. Although requirements vary by State, the general documents to file a corporation online are listed below:

  • File the Name of your Corporation with the Secretary of State for the state that you are filing the corporation.
  • Article of Incorporation or Certificate of Formation with details about your corporation.
  • Company Bylaws that outline the governance and structure of your corporation
  • Shareholders’ Agreements 
  • Meeting minutes
  • Stock certificates for stock-issuing corporations
  • Submit initial and eventually annual reports to ensure your corporation maintains all the requirements

The most important details to consider when setting up a corporation are the management structure, tax liability, protection, and long-term goals.

C Corporations are the most common structure for setting up a for-profit corporation, with limited personal liability for business debts.

S Corporations have stricter guidelines and can be under more scrutiny by the IRS.

Nonprofit Corporations are set up for charitable, educational, scientific, or literary businesses or companies, with a tax exemption status with the IRS and are tax deductible.

Benefit Corporations focus on social and environmental impacts while making a profit. A for-profit organization must legally consider shareholders and the environmental impact when making a business decision for profit.

Yes, you can set up your corporation online in any state. Requirements may be different for each state, but the process can be done online for most. Check with the Secretary of State’s website for the requirements and process.

Most companies choose to incorporate in the state where the company is located. Although you can set up a corporation in any state, there are important factors to consider before you commit. It's important to consult with a professional or seek legal advice for each state’s tax laws and any other requirements for that state. MyCorporation works with 50 states to make sure you are filing promptly and correctly.

The structure of your corporation can change as your business needs change. Your C corporation can change into an S-Corporation if your business meets the criteria and it makes sense for your business structure to decrease tax liability.

It is recommended to seek legal consultation to ensure that all documentation is filed correctly and that it is the right business move for your company. In some cases, you may be required to dissolve one entity and file a new one. Changing your corporation's structure can have significant legal, tax, and operational implications which must be resubmitted to proper channels. It’s important to get the correct legal advice before starting the process.

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